Personalized 3D paintings as original gift ideas for all

There are many occasion to give a 3D painting: at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or marriage, for a degree or a baptism. No more bunch of flowers or perfumes, but if you choose optical illusion you can really say you have found a really original gift!

One, two, and four photo composition texture examples

painting-a1 painting-a2 painting-a3

These paintings represent optical illusions, known as Sirds, which means “Single Image Random Dot Stereogram”. They’re made with 50 x 70 cm high definition sheets for photos. They’re also ready to be placed in frames becoming a unique present. Looking at them more closely, you can find three-dimensional images, apparently hidden in the main photograph! In the FAQ page it is possible to see an example of what we’re talking about, with little hidden illusions at page two.

You can choose between a clear image, which is a perfectly repeated image identifiable at first sight, among your friends, children, and your beloved one and however you want; to make your 3D print more difficult to catch you can insert up to six photographs but we suggest not more than four to make the paint more effective.

3D paintings final composition (miniature) examples

painting-b1 painting-b2 painting-b3

We should choose those hidden images that are able to create the best optical illusions. We always have to remember to stay 50 cm from the painting and look at it without staring it, but focusing on the infinity: there’s no need for glasses or other instruments, but just a little patience! The possibility to see 3D pictures is an original way for a gift, because it’s a unique object and who receives it will be surely intrigued.

For your present, you can choose an image from the ones available from our catalogue o send us an email to – and tell us those you want to use for your 3D prints and we will insert it in the image. Make the payment and send us the address, the code of your bill, the phone number for the courier. In five days you’ll receive the print, ready for the frame and to be given.

Hidden text examples, hidden images or both of them

painting-c1 painting-c2 painting-c3

We cannot send the preview of your order, so you won’t have the surprise ruined. The price of each 3D image is 32 euros (manufacturing and high quality sheet are included) and 7 euros for the delivery. For more than one order you pay 1 euro for each additional piece you want to use as a big gift or different gifts. You can pay with credit card or the PayPal option; open the payment page, click on the icon at the top on the left, fill in the form with all the information needed. For payments with Post-pays or bank transfer ask the coordinates to

Frame is not included, however, considering the size, it is really easy to find the right one (70 x 50 cm) in your own city. In the packaging there are all the instructions you may need for its usage and the support for the frame. There isn’t a printed catalogue; all the information is available on the website. Any question you may have on this product or its purchase can be made by clicking on the link “research” where you can directly write your question and looking for the answer on your 3D posters.

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