Add site to the reference portal for gift ideas

We can make a review of your product on our website, a review written exclusively by us, for the cost of €59 to be made in advance, after which you will receive a receipt: the review has no expiry date.

The product will have its own dedicated page like so:

Which will be linked to a page like so:

Chosen amongst the sections that are most appropriate to the theme of the site (which you may select yourself among those in the scrolling box under the menu); the review will be categorised by price, in rotation on the home page and in the link scrolling at the bottom of the page.

To begin the procedure and to add your product onto our site, first and foremost you must proceed to the payment of €59 made by the following bank transfer:

Recipient: GHISI MARCO
Country: Italy
Name of bank: FINECO
IBAN: IT05M0301503200000000205326
BIC (swift code): UNCRITMM

Indicating in the subject line of the payment the domain of the site or of the product (the main URL address). Alternatively, it is possible to pay with credit card by clicking in the PayPal button below:

Once your payment is made, send an e-mail to indicating:

  • the link of the product to input (and the link from which to get pictures if different)
  • details for invoice (skip if already entered in the PayPal payment)
  • the most suitable category (visible here on the right, skip if there is no preference)
  • average price of the product (skip if already mentioned on your website)
  • the product's strong points (skip if you would like to leave this entirely to our liberty)

and we'll take care of everything else: in the course of 24-48 hours of the receipt of payment, the review will be online and will begin to bring traffic to your site.
Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail if you have any further comments or questions.