Choose to wear Aldo Women's Tharesa Gladiator Sandals

These Aldo Women’s Tharesa Gladiator sandals are made exclusively of leather, instead the sole is completely in rubber and they are totally synthetic. Then the shaft appraises around 15.5" from arch, on the other hand, the heel appraises about  0.5".

Additionally the boot opening measures approximately 13.5". They are imported, in fact, they are totally made in China. The color available is olive or brown with alternate red and bronze laces.

They are perfect for engagement gift ideas: women will certainly appreciate this present made by their boyfriend or future husband. The sandals are high until the knee and they cover the entire area of the calf.


This model has a great optical effect in comparison with a shorter gladiator sandal. Also shorter women can easily wear them and they look very good. But who has slim and suntanned legs surely looks very well with this type of sandals, in particular if she decides to wear shorts and short skirts or, on the contrary if she prefers wearing gipsy or hi-low skirts or also a basic pair of jeans.

Gladiator Sandals are the new trend spring-summer 2015, women who wear these sandals appear surely very sexy and they walk in a comfortable way in the city centre. They particularly refer to fights between gladiators, the battles into the arenas and to the Roman  civilization so they are called with the adjective“Gladiator” before the name sandal.

Surely scrappy girls love them because they normally like hazarding and because these sandals are considered  really aggressive, because they could remember bondage laces and they give a fighting idea .

“Aldo”  is a company founded in 1972 and it is well-known all over the world. It produces fashion footwear and accessories. It is specialized in particular in sandals, shoes and boots, created with very high quality, it pays attention to details and to finishing touch. Aldo group is in Canada, USA, England and Ireland and it is present in franchising in other sixty countries.

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