Aquabot pool rover cleans your swimming-pool in a perfect way

The product “Aquabot pool rover”, completely realized by the very famous American company “Aqua products” known all over the world, gives an efficient way to maintain your swimming-pool always perfectly clean and free from any type of residues, large, small dirt and debris.

“Aquabot Pool rover” is able to remove everything automatically for example from large leaves to very small algae because it is provided with a spacious filter bag inside and it is a gift ideas for him- husbands, boyfriends or friend- who needs a precious help to clean the swimming pool at home.

In particular it is able to clean the whole pool over the ripples. In other words, it is a type of robotic cleaner suitable for flat-surface-above-ground swimming-pool but it is able to operate with all type of surfaces.


It is recommended for pools up to 30’, the time for cleaning the surface is approximately one hour, one hour and an half. The engines are very modern and they achieve very easily high velocity with efficacy and reliability.

This product weights 12 kilos and it is 53.3 x 45.7 x 48.3 centimeters. It is totally made in America and nowadays it is considered one of the best pool cleaners available on international market.

This tool is extremely simply to use:  it is sufficient to drop it into the pool and let it do all the work. It is very resistant and it will surely clean your pool for many years to come. The maintenance required is very little.

You cannot go wrong if you decide to purchase it. They sell Aquabot pool rover in particular pool stores. If the product does not work in a efficient way because it is defective, “Aqua company” is able to offer to the consumers a complete service of pick-up, reparation and delivery free if the pool rover is still in warranty.

Finally the company “Aqua products” was born in New Jersey (U.S.A.), is very popular in this field  and it has  revolutionized the pool cleaning industry because it created the first swimming-pool cleaner at the beginning of Eighty’s.

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