Original gifts for babies and baby gift ideas

It doesn't matter if you've chosen not to have babies in your life, if kids belong to a different world from ours. Somebody's baby, a colleague's, a neighbour's, a relative's or a friend's baby have birthdays, we have to think of some baby gift ideas.

And it's hard when you don't have any experience with babies and their world, finding gifts for babies can be a real nightmare! What do their parents need? What could a nice gift be?

Maybe you can ask other friends or relatives, what do they usually buy as a baby gift. When you try to find something by yourself, here that prices go too high and your budget isn't at the same level of these kind of baby gifts!

Children’s roller coaster

Give your preschooler the ride of his life in this easy to assemble, colorful and safe up and down roller coaster that stretches out to ten feet!

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3d print

Horses are large size mammals belonging to the breed of horses. The origins of horses are very ancient, it is assumed more than 55 million years, but the first tamings by man date back to 3000 BC in Central Asia.

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You can choose between many gifts for a baby: rompers, toys, shoes, little socks. You have to know well what can baby gifts for boy or girls can be useful for them, their parents, and their tastes.

Last but not least, these presents must be affordable for us. It would be a real shame if the baby's present couldn't be used: rompers is a clear example in this case, because they become small quickly and it happens that they don't even wear it once!

As well as all the other presents should be, if possible, presents for baby should be a long lasting memory for the receiver. Apparently this means that our budget should be important in our gift idea for a baby, like jewellery, precious objects, art works, saving books.

But even a simple object which costs less money can last for a long time if the present is made by heart. If you find the right gift ideas for babies, presents can last more than a season!


Sometimes ideas can fail, but what's for sure is that a nice gift idea for babies is creating a personalized Sirds. With a three-dimensional image you can tell a wonderful story: you can use an image taken from a fairy tale, maybe arrange it with photos and other images.

With this baby present you can tell what his/her parents would like him/her to be in the future, a sport that they'd like him/her to play or maybe an image or a paint that could inspire him/her.

This kind of present for a baby will have an important meaning to him/her and to everybody. With a reasonable budget, and a special baby gift you will gain a special place in his/her heart that you can't even imagine.


Safe, original and with high quality finishings, Ferrari tricycle will be a wonderful surprise, it is confortable for both the baby and his parents.

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Classic Stuffed Horse

Classic Stuffed Horse