Banjo Golden Headphones, the quality Christmas gift to make

If you’re looking for a trendy, fashionable, unique Christmas gift this is the right thing for you. These special black and gold headphones will capture your friend or relative at first sight! Well-refined, Banjo Golden Headphones are made with exclusive materials, just for exclusive people.

The gold details will make the headphones a style accessory that everyone will notice. They are suitable for every iPod, iPhone and MP3-Player, so you won’t be afraid of making a gift and spending you money “for nothing”!

The cable is 0,5 m long and 1m extension, so the receiver will have plenty of space to put his/her MP3-Player down and dance! Christmas gifts are always difficult to make, because nowadays everybody has almost everything and making a special and unique gift is becoming more and more difficult year after year.


However, everyone has forgotten that making simple gift by heart will be appreciated. So, if you think of making your perfect gift, simple, fashionable and unique Banjo Golden Headphones by WeSC is what you’re looking for.

A comfortable object, 40 mm power drive - max. output 110 db - 33 ohm impendence - frequency range 20-20000 HZ - gilded 3,5 mm stereo-plug. Phones are made with real leather, and you can adapt any time the sticks made by a special material that won’t disturb your head and skin!

That’s important, because most of the normal headphone producers don’t care about the materials and the quality of their headphones. Banjo Golden Headphones by WeSC cares about you, so you can always enjoy and appreciate your relaxing moment.

A special Christmas gift that will surprise your friend or relative. Banjo Golden Headphones comes with an absolute amazing offer, so don’t miss the opportunity of making a quality Christmas gift for your beloved ones. They’re just waiting for you!

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