Unique baptism gifts you won’t find anywhere else

Baptism gifts: who has not faced the tragic dilemma of having to buy something for a colleague, a friend, or an acquaintance on occasion of the first sacrament of a child and having to make an effort to find something to buy which is both inexpensive and appropriate for the occasion, and that is not something trivial?

Baptism gift ideas are a real headache, because when a child is baptized he or she is certainly too small to be asked questions and to be able to understand what his or her tastes may be like in the future.

One thing is for certain: at that age they are not capable of communicating what they like, let alone what they will eventually like! Baptism gifts unique in this sense, since often there is a complete absence of ideas or suggestions from the receiving party, so that it is necessary to draw inspiration from the tastes of the parents rather than the child.

Junior picnic table

Junior Picnic Table, made in plastic, is blue and green, strong and heavy and it can be used both indoor and outdoor as play table or picnic table.

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Gold baptism charm

Give a newborn child one of his first worldly gifts – a precious 14 kt gold baptismal charm to mark a good beginning for his passage through life.

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three dimensional paintings

Feedback left from the customer: "The subject is my nephew and I have chosen this image because his expression is very cute. I think it is a nice and original present for all the family, to keep in my home and it has been a real challenge to find the three-dimensional object!" (Alessia)

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Obviously, having chosen to bring their son into the Christian community, our gift also has to be respectful in this sense. However, will the baptism gifts we choose really be appreciated?

How do you make a good impression by getting something appropriate? In terms of unique baptism gifts it is not easy to find a gift that satisfies both parents and at the same time is original and represents a unique memory: a baptism gift idea that is the most appropriate gift is something that will not cause differences of opinion in the present and that can be used and liked in the future.

Basically, gift ideas for baptism must be something that meets the tastes of the parents, because otherwise you risk them becoming unused objects and that would be a shame, since the little boy or girl being christened would never see them! A baptismal gift can be any kind of gift, from jewellery to a piece of furniture, but how do you ensure you’re not giving the same thing as someone else?


It is true that there may be many appropriate baptism gift ideas, and the same goes for the other guests, who perhaps have a bigger spending budget and therefore had a wider choice of gifts.

In any case, it's always better to rely on something that doesn’t risk you giving the same thing as someone else when it comes to the occasion ... that would be a disaster!

Baptism gifts that are winning gifts are those that can be truly personalized, so that they can be adapted to the tastes of relatives and the child’s environment, and perhaps, with a little luck, to the child’s future tastes!

Perhaps baptism gift ideas don’t last forever, because no object can do that, but why not think that unique baptism gifts will accompany their little owner for a long time? With this belief, which is perhaps a little romantic, let’s look for baptismal gifts that are really special and that are chosen with great care and originality.

Guess Towel Set

Guess Towel Set