Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 800 piece LEGO ship set

Are you looking for special gifts to put under the tree this Christmas season that will have kids beaming when they open them? Are you looking for something cool and original that they’ll be guaranteed to love?

They’ll be crazy about LEGO’s Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl set! Based on the famous box office hit, this set will get young boys and girls to work their imaginations and create their own adventures.

This cool set will be an unusual Christmas gift that the kids will want to start playing with right when they open the box. Recommended for ages 8 to 14, this set includes more than 800 individual LEGO pieces that can be used to assemble Captain Jack Sparrow’s infamous ship from the movies that we all know and love.


The pieces are highly detailed and make a neat accomplishment when fully assembled, LEGO having taken pains to portray the ship from the films with as much accuracy as possible, from the figurehead on the mast to the cannons on the gun deck and the ominous black sails made of real fabric that warn fellow seafarers to beware.

Not only is the set accurate, but LEGO has included some cool interactive features like a moveable anchor, an opening door on to the captain’s cabin and a detachable floorboard to go below deck.

With over 800 pieces, the ship is a bit of a challenge to build and will keep kids engaged and oriented toward their goal until the ship is completed. They will be aided by the two comprehensive instruction booklets, and they will even get to learn a little more about sailing by learning the names of different parts of the ship during this hands-on activity.

And when they’re finished with the assembly of the main body of the ship, it’ll be fun to add the last details like the lanterns, masts and the rest. The set also includes six mini-figures from the movie: Will Turner, Davy Jones, Bootstrap Bill, Joshamee Gibbs, Maccus and of course Jack Sparrow.

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Google Chromecast HDMA streaming media player for your HDTV

Are you ready to enter the next level in media streaming? If the answer is yes, then Google Chromecast is ready to take you there! The Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player is a tiny, 1.1 ounce gadget that is as big as a pen drive, yet does so much more.

Just plug it in to and HD television set and from then on you can control it with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. It makes an awesome 18th birthday gift for young adults, but is a smart gift for anybody on your holiday wish list or on your birthday calendar.


Now that the world is switching from physical media to digital media, many movies and videos are streamed from the internet rather than being played from a disc.

However, not everybody has the right set-up to be able to view their media properly. Have you ever felt ridiculous watching a video or a movie on your tiny phone or computer screen while your big, beautiful HDTV screen sits blank and unused in the same room?

Get your movies and videos in all their glory on a screen that they deserve! Don’t strain your ears so much that you practically have to put them next to your tiny computer speakers to hear – go all out and get the same sound quality that you expect from a home theater system!

Now you won’t have to rely on DVDs to ensure proper sound and viewing quality. Watch your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Google Play and Chrome right on your HDTV.

When your friends are over, show off pictures of your most recent vacation on the big screen while people chat and mingle. If you’ve never found your laptop, tablet or smartphone screen to be big enough, surf the net using the biggest screen in the house! Installation is a breeze: just plug it in to your TV and use your device normally for infinitely improved sound and display!

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