Bosu Balance Trainer keep fit and healthy every day

“Bosu Balance Trainer”, called also “Bosu Ball”, was invented by David Weck in 2000 and it became very rapidly one of the products that had more success in the fitness world. In other terms this particular fitness tool can be described as a modern fitness training device consisting of an rubber hemisphere directly connected to a rigid platform.

Particularly the name “BOSU” is an acronym of  “Both Sides Up”, this abbreviation signifies that this product can be used by both sides: that are firstly the even platform and secondly the calotte made of printed plastic.

It can be one of the most appreciated gifts for girls because young girl and women normally desire keep fit and train their body every day. It joins all elements that characterized fitness: such as cardiovascular toning and an unique combination in efficient conditions.


“Bosu” is also very amusing and exciting for sportsmen and sportswomen. If you want to tone and strengthen your body, lose weight, get fit and healthy this product is the perfect solution for you.

You can do any type of exercise with this tool and you will very soon increase your personal results. You can train both in office and at home while you are watching television or listening music or, even on holidays.

“Bosu Balance trainer” increases the movement capacity and the flexibility, it improves human body and, at the same time, it reinforces the human mind. Millions of people from all over the world nowadays train with this innovative product, athletes included.

But it is important to highlight that it is not essential to be the best athlete to take advantage from this revolutionary device. Additionally  it includes one DVD for training “Calorie Combustion”, 2 DVDs “Xplode”, foot pump and handbook.

It is ideal for sportsmen and sportswomen, athletes and fitness lovers of all age. The tool diameter is 65 centimeters. The product is available in two different colors, blue and pink and it is made in USA.

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