Children’s gifts for any occasion

When you have to get something for a couple who has the joy of a new born baby, what can be a headache if you aren't an expert is children’s gifts. How can you choose among all those little objects for babies, who don't really actually enjoy them, all those baby clothes sizes and toys that sometimes are hard to understand and their usefulness?

How could you find some original children’s presents different from all those that uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends have already bought? A new born gift is something different from all the other presents you usually get for other people, it's a real drama for who is going to buy gifts for children: whatever age the present is for is difficult!

Gifts for boys are quite a big, tough job for an adult who wants to make the right choice, and there are loads of differences if the baby is a boy or a girl! You can compare gifts for girls to a labyrinth of the baby’s tastes and hers parents’ expectations.

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Vtech Kidizoom is an ideal gift for your kids from four to seven years old: they can take funny pictures, play interesting games and register videos.

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Vulli giraffe teether

Help baby get through the pains of teething with Sophie the Giraffe, a non-toxic and all natural rubber toy that baby will love to chew and cuddle!

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3d imaging

This stereogram has been created during an interview for an italian televison (never published) where I explained briefly what is this idea for a present: having at that moment no other subject I used an image of my son.

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Improvised and ordinary ideas for children’s presents can hide traps, because a simple ball could let the mother leap with joy but change the father's sporting plans!

What can be a nice gift for a child? Which ones can both parents and the little one appreciate ? The most ordinary presents are linked to fashion, to that kind of doll and that brand-name goods of the moment; mum or dad can protest in front of a gift which just represents a whim.

So maybe, on second thoughts, the right present for children can be inspired by a fairy tale? Or maybe a good present for a child can be something which makes her/him feel “older” and important?


This Tandem Bar “Trail Gator” will help parents feeling more safe, and will certainly help the child to make the breakthrough in his/her life.

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Probably, the only answer to the question is that the right idea present for children should tickle children's fantasies. You can find several things that maybe too expensive for whoever wants to give just a little thought and who doesn't know the receiver's tastes.

And sometimes they can excite or be completely ignored as soon as the gift is open. Good children’s present ideas can draw inspiration from something magical and mysterious!

And maybe something so unique that all the other friends don't have! The right gift should surprise and make him/her keen on your gift from the first time he/she sees it! An original children's gift idea should make him/her feel like a superhero!