Classic Nottingham Wristwatch by Daniel Wellington

Got the time? If you’ve been looking for a stylish way to keep track of your day but don’t want to wear the same boring watches that everybody else is wearing, then maybe the Classic Nottingham model by Daniel Wellinton is the right watch for you.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh new addition to your own outfit, or you’ve been searching for something that will impress friends and colleagues and would be great for special occasions like promotions or birthday gifts, the Classic Nottingham is a fantastic choice.

Are you tired of wearing accessories that have become tried and true, yet ultimately boring and predictable for business and casual wear? Without conforming to the standard, more traditional models for professional and formal situations that everybody has seen time and time again, this high quality and thoughtfully designed accessory is still elegant enough to be worn at the work place and for many formal occasions, yet you can wear it with your casual outfits too to take it up a notch.


Drawing inspiration from a nautical theme, the 40 mm diameter face of the watch is a clear eggshell white with sleek and thin dials, set meticulously in 6 mm tall encasing with a simple frame, reminiscent of the elegant form of the steering wheel of a ship.

The dials and frame come in either silver or rose gold depending on your specifications upon ordering. The natostrap comes in a vertical striped pattern with a turquoise center, bordered by white and with navy blue on the edges, adding to the nautical theme.

The Classic Nottingham makes a great gift, as it is bound to impress its recipient and can easily be incorporated into just about anybody’s wardrobe. Paired with the quality of the Japanese quartz and Swedish design, this is a gift that not only looks good and adds a splash of class and color to your wrist, but will also last. Keeping the time never looked so good before!

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