First communion gift ideas for boys

Grandchildren, friends’ children, work colleagues’, all children have to take Communion, and most of the time who has been invited has just one concern, finding some catholic first communion gifts!

First communion gifts are a hard row to hoe for whoever is going to buy the gift. The usual little jewel, the ordinary trinkets, without originality! Rings, pendants, bracelets, small medals: these are the first things you can think of, because they are always the same ideas communion gifts.

So, if you have to find something for a girl, you risk getting her something she already has or that she doesn't like. In the case of a first communion gift boy it could be even worse, because the gift can be too ordinary, and because 9 year-boys don't like little objects or jewels.

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Communion gifts should be appreciated by the parents, and exclusive and amazing for whoever is given the Sacrament. Seeing the importance of the event, it would be nice that first communion gifts for girls could accompany the receiver every day, as boys and girls will be accompanied with this experience of sharing with the Christian community and divinity.

For a perfect holy communion gift, original gifts with the previous characteristics aren't easy to find, but a perfect gift for holy communion that is all we need! The right Catholic communion gifts are the ones that parents and the receiver can appreciate.


First communion gift ideas can also be a problem if your budget isn't very high. Catholic First holy communion gift should be a gift without a meaning, but an emotional and useful one.

If you choose a jewel it could turn out to be a flat object, without character. Furthermore, these kinds of communion gifts for boys would not be used for years. You risk giving a bad impression and that your gift will be recycled making your efforts and money useless. For a catholic first holy communion gift, the right idea is one which reaches a good compromise between costs, originality, usefulness and tastes of the boy or girl.

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