Wood and acrylic Cosmic Thread necklace with 24” gold chain

Take a look at this, all of you fashion-forward ladies! The Cosmic Thread necklace will become a centerpiece in your jewelry collection: modern, bold, and impossible to ignore!

With its geometric precision, with its style akin to design forms seen in modern architecture and funky mix of color and material that lend it an ethnic vibe at the same time, this necklace makes a big statement and takes any outfit a big step up.

This original piece makes an amazing gift for women that seek to be trend-setters and dare to wear something that others haven’t seen before! The pendant, measuring approximately 5.5” x 5”, is made with wood, showing off its natural color on the face of the necklace in contrast to the bright acrylic geometrically-shaped pieces attached securely with brass screws.


The colorful pieces are displayed in a formation that is just slightly asymmetrical, lending the piece even more edge. The pieces can come in your choice of either black, white or red as each necklace is custom made just for you upon order.

The sides of the wood are black to add more depth to the piece and create a more shadowy appearance on the edges. Holding it all together is a beautiful and sleek 24” gold plated chain necklace.

All in all, whichever of the three color options that you decide on is an ingeniously designed combo that plays with color and texture. It could be paired with bright, colorful patterned outfits, or make an even bigger statement when paired with a single color outfit.

But however you decide to wear it, there’s no mistaking that this piece of jewelry is not just like any other. You don’t find unique compositions of color and material like this, and especially not with such an interesting shape.

How often do you get to wear something whose design was influenced by the laws of constructive interference in the realm of physics? Now that’s one heck of a piece of jewelry!

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