Stylish Black and Silver Electric Guitar shaped cufflinks

Are You ready to Rock ’n’ Roll your outfit? Get ready for concert season with the new T.M. Lewin Guitar cufflinks available at our gift item shop! Electric guitar shaped cufflinks in black and silver, a superb touch to your hottest suit & tie combination, granted to give you the charms of a star!

Handcrafted and hand painted in Metal black (pun intended!) for a sleek and elegant look bound to impress all of your musical friends, these unique cufflinks will make you stand out of the crowd and complement your attire with a unique touch of musical originality.

Boost up your style with their classic S-Shape fitting for full compatibility with all of your sleek shirts and don’t forget the superb quality of T.M. Lewin’s Nickel free enamel construction granted to keep those nasty allergies away from the stage.

Electric Guitar Cufflinks

Plenty of detail, great care in the molding process, very precise painting and finish of the product added to plenty of stylish features engraved on each cufflink, together with an elegant branded gift box make the Electric Guitar cufflinks a great gift item for all of those stylish head-banging folks out there.

A great present for musician friends and family or for rock fans willing to show their love for rock music and for good taste in their wardrobe. Perfect for those formal or informal occasions in which to show off the cufflinks that also work as a great conversation starter, a must have for all those guitar players out there ready to dress fancy on the stage, or good enough for the less experienced guitar players that want to show love for their instrument and the music they play. Be prepared to surprise your friends with a unique gift for them or an original idea for you to wear which will keep you rockin’ in all of your fancy shirts!

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