A gift with the wow-factor! Original Ferrari chromed exhaust

Men, men, men but not only, women too! Getting anyone a really special gift with originality gets more difficult year after year. Are you fed up with asking around and spending all your time looking for that perfect gift for that special person?

Have you had enough of waiting on the latest auction site to see if you've got the bid? If what you need is a wow-factor and something that will have all of your friends drooling don't look too far and grab this unique and exclusive opportunity.

You will be amazed at the effect that this single object will have on those who come to visit or who are invited to your dinner parties. This is a wonderful chance to make all friends envious and gob-smacked in front of this fabulous work of art.


For the person who loves cars, and their accessories, in all shapes and sizes and simply worships anything Ferrari and needs a constant reminder of their greatest love, F1, what can be more exalting than having their own “shrine” and their little piece of real heaven in their own sitting room?

This authentic piece of F1 comes with a transparent Plexiglas base which intensifies the magnificence of this chrome masterpiece. To convince the most skeptical of guests a metal identification plate has been placed on the base and is guaranteed by its certificate of origin, all wrapped and packaged in the original red Ferrari cardboard with the exclusive Prancing Horse logo.

All Ferrari lovers will find a place in their home as well as their hearts for this wonderful modern day sculpture which can be the first precious piece of a prestigious collection. All the power of the Ferrari inside this chromed exhaust evoking the magnificent roar of its exceptional engine all the way from Maranello.

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