Faq - Frequently asked questions page 1

Q: Could you send me prices’ list about dimensions? I would like a lot stereograms with the symbol of Yamaha (like the example of the air plane there is in your site) but with my motorcycle well visible!
R: At the moment we make only B2 size, or 50x70 cm. Concerning your motorcycle, we have some available typologies, so no problem.

Q: I would like to know if it is possible realizing personalized paintings. If I send you the image, would it be possible creating a painting?
R: Sure, why not. Printing definition is very good, so if your image is on high quality it can be printed in a very good way. Price is always € 39.00 all inclusive (including mailing expenses).

Q: I send you the symbol I would like to see inside and can I decide too to see it outside?
R: No, you send us the symbol, then it is possible to see it immediately while the hidden image is chosen directly by us among those which are good in the context.

Q: I would like to know what it means “personalized”… that’s to say, I send you an image and you create a stereogram?
R: Yes, you send us images and us, we create a stereogram.


Q: How can you put a picture inside? Is it on 3d? I didn’t see one before, could I see an example?
R: We use a software’s sequence of our production. Concerning the example, there is just one here, Yamaha’s image which hides an air plane. Solution is in the following page.

Q: I would like to ask how much it costs if I send you one picture of my daughter and if it is possible to see it in colours too.
R: Price is always € 39.00 all inclusive, including mailing expenses. About your daughter’s image, no problem, she can see herself in colours, and the hidden image is in black and white.

Q: I’d be interested to buy one of your works, but I would like a lot to see one picture of my children. How can I send you the picture?
R: You can get it with your digital camera or your traditional camera, then you must scanner it and you send us by e-mail.

Q: Can I send you every photo I want and you realise a stereogram?
R: Talking about thickness, yes, we can; for the hidden image, we must insert an image with all the characteristics to be visible in an excellent three dimensional way.

Q: I would like to know if it is possible realising a poster with my painting and if possible how much it cost.
R: No problem about. You must send us the image and then we print it. Price is always the same, € 39.00 all inclusive.

Q: Is there a frame and a glass included in the price?
R: No, unfortunately, but it is a size very easy to find, with an amount of 10.00 you can buy it in a bricolage shop.

Q: Do you have A4 – size stereograms or something similar?
R: Stereogram are for the moment only in poster size, 50x70 cm.

Q: Could you explain me what kind of play is this one?
R: It’s a competition for whom can see before the 3-d image!

Q: If I send you a symbol, can you get me a stereogram?
R: Sure, just about that we work on!

Q: But how must I see it?
R: About 50 cm, focussing it infinity.

Q: I would like to know if you can get them if I send you the material.
R: Sure, no problem about.

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