Faq - Frequently asked questions page 2

Q: I’m asking if, needing superior extensions of 50x70, I could send you exclusively the graphic elaboration and then occupying myself about printing.
R: We can’t move the graphic original file because they are inclined to not authorised reproductions. All we can do is printing it in a greatest dimension, but one side will be in each case max 61 cm. Then it is possible to compose it, like a puzzle (122 x 171 or more).

Q: Can you create a stereogram with a colour picture with the possibility that the picture is the hidden image to see?
R: No, I’m sorry. It is possible to approach with other subjects but it is not possible with the same picture.

Q: I would like to know the gender of stereogram you can create.
R: We can do every object you desire more. In the hidden image we create something special, with a lot of attention on it, because the stereogram must be visible. We insert preferentially animals, objects, etc. Look our catalogue, you can choose about them!

Q: My idea would be that to get as present a stereogram with a picture on it, tell me all that you need to do it and the price.
R: Price is € 32.00 + € 7.00 to send you at your home.


Q: Can we see the stereogram on preview?
R: We prefer not, because the best moments are those spending time trying to see which image inside is hidden.

Q: Picture’s sizes to be good, how much must it be?
R: At least 1 MP.

Q: Do you have examples to send me?
R: Look the catalogue, there are a lot!

Q: Is it possible inserting texts and not objects?
R: Yes, of course.

Q: Waiting time?
R: If you send us the picture or the number of the chosen article, and payment done, about 5 days to receive it at home.

Q: Please, can you show me available images for an eventual choice, it’s more difficult to see them in the presentation.
R: Look the catalogue to see if there is something interesting.

Q: Do you have something with fishes, subs, or in each case sea environment?
R: Yes, we have it as background, and as thickness we can use every kind of picture.

Q: Can you be clearer, please? I want to have an idea because I would like to have one if I find a subject I like more.
R: OK, I try! You can send me a fish’s image you like a lot and I create a stereogram which has a little and repeated image of the picture you send me, adapted, and as hidden image a shark or a dolphin.

Q: Preparation time since when you receive the image: how many days?
R: About five working days.

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