Faq - Frequently asked questions page 3

Q: If I send you a picture, is it important a high resolution, for example more than 1 MP? The hidden image is like the original size or more little? How can I choose a stereogram’s aspect?
R: For the picture I must have one not under 1 MP (1280 x 768). The hidden image is like all the printing, while the picture you send me is more little because it forms the thickness, that’s to say the repeating image. Another aspect is that one of the image as a background: I choose it, it depends how many we have in that moment, which is the context and among those ones it’s possible seeing better the image.

Q: The meaning of “personalized”… that’s to say, I send you an image and you create a stereogram?
R: Just this is my job! You send me the images, and I create for you a stereogram, I print you and I send you.

Q: How much money if I send you the picture and you convert it in a stereogram? In each case… how can I know something about subjects you have and how they cost? Thanks, they are wonderful!
R: Cost is always the same, € 39.00 all inclusive. Subjects you want put inside, you can tell me or you can send me and I put them inside (in the thickness, of course!!)

Q: Is it possible doing the opposite? The drawing is mine and you should put it over and under all that you want more (red like my sitting-room)…
R: No, I’m sorry, but under it is possible only determinate images with some particular characteristics.

Q: If I take 2 Dylan Dog’s stereograms, can you make me a little discount?
R: 2 stereograms are € 51.00. You have no idea about prices for photographic paper and ink for platter, maintenance, etc.

Q: Hi, but if I buy two of them, how much for sending all?
R: € 8.00, € 7.00 the first, and € 1.00 for every other stereogram more.

Q: I am a fan of stereogram. I would like to know which is the BEST stereogram you have and its price.
R: They are all wonderful, but it’s your choice! Price is always the same: € 39.00 all inclusive, including mailing expenses.

Q: Can I choice the secret image?
R: More or less you can… because it’s not so easy realising the background image. There is a lot of work, and it’s important making some tests before. So, if you want, you can give me some directions and I can try to find you something possible to your desires.

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