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Q: Hi, I’m a painter, and I would like to know if you can realise a stereogram with both images I give you, that external which is repeated but above all the hidden one, the most interesting, for me. Subject, with which technique (spray-gun method, picture, black and white) should be realised to be then utilised (I’m always talking about hidden image)?
R: Thickness, this one I can get it. Hidden object must be a particular image: only some figures can be realised, in a simple way, with marked forms. Try to send me your images and I can see what I can do.

Q: The shown painting, which dimension has it?
R: 50 x 70 cm.

Q: Is it possible obtaining a vertical stereogram?
R: Sure, 50 x 70 or 70 x 50.

Q: Hi, how much time after receiving money?
R: About five working days.

Q: Is it possible having back the picture, once ended the stereogram?
R: Of course, I send you back together with the stereogram.

Q: When should I pay, before or after you send me the stereogram?
R: Before, when I receive money, I send you the stereogram.

Q: I would like a stereogram painting for Christmas, for my girl. Is it possible putting back something romantic?
R: Sure, we have specific images for every occasion.

Q: Hi, is it possible doing 3 stereograms one after the other, which represent only one object only? I need a painting which must be greatest than 50 x 70… is it possible separating a stereogram in 3-4 different paintings? Is it possible seeing the image, even if broken in small pieces?
R: Yes, of course… the problem is how much strong is the eye’s visibility, because you should see it from another point of visibility, which is farer… and so you can see less particularities. I think it can be a subjective thing: who can see in a best way, of course can see every point of the stereogram and looking best the hidden image. It must be a continuity among a stereogram and the other one, so it is not possible using only a picture frame but a board, with no edge. Price is of course for 4.

Q: I would like a stereogram with a writing image as hidden image and not only an image. Is it possible?
R: Yes, but the writing image must be short, 10 letters maximum. More letters, it is impossible distinguishing them.

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