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Q: I would like to give one of your stereograms to my husband for Valentine's Day, I wanted to make him a surprise, then: would it be possible for example to see a picture of him and his dog and put as a picture inside, the hidden one,one of my photos saying "did you think eh anything like that”?
R: As regards his photo and the dog’s as a plot there is no problem, but we can place only the sentence without the photo inside it, or we could put a dog inside and a sentence together with your husband’s photo as a plot.

Q: If I send you the picture of Shrek and Fiona, could you put it as a three-dimensional hidden image? As a plot of the picture I would like the lyrics of a song (perhaps only so many scattered phrases).
R: No, I couldn’t. The three-dimensional image is a standard that I choose. As a plot I can instead insert the image that you send me, the text with so many sentences is also all right, there is no problem!

Q: I have Postepay: can you kindly explain to me how to do the whole operation step by step (including codes and so on.)?
R: Go to the postoffice and pay in € 39 on this Postepay (the data are provided upon request).

Q: If now I send you the picture to make a stereogram of it, can you send me a preview?
R: We do not do the preview, also because, given the high quality, it would be too big in size so that it can be sent via email.

Q: In your web site I have read the opportunity to have a customized stereogram but I would like to know how payment is effected.
R: You can choose between PayPal (or Credit Card), Postepay, Bank Transfer, Postal Form or Postal Cheque. When you have chosen the system, you communicate it to me, and if necessary, I will send you the details for payment.

Q: Personalizing the print with a photo sent by me, what image will appear?
R: It depends on the picture: if you send any details such as a hobby, sport or other concerning the person depicted, I see if something that I have approaches it, otherwise we get something from the picture.

Q: Can you put a word instead of a picture or a photo behind a stereogram?
R: Certainly, however we recommend using few words as it might become difficult to see it.

Q: In what format is the image of the stereogram to be sent?
R: Usually you use jpg, tif or bmp, but almost all most popular image formats are all right.

Q: Is it possible to send the material to Switzerland?
R: Certainly, without any kind of problem.

Q: I wanted to know the methods by which I can send you a digital photo.
R: You can send it via mail, by traditional post or deliver it by hand (if you are from Reggio Emilia or come there).

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