Faq - Frequently asked questions page 6

Q: If I send you a picture via the Internet as a plot for an anniversary, what image do you put as a background?
R: I could insert a heart but I would rather insert a piano or violin (love music). Those which, however, are more effective are the motor means such as motor bikes, ships or planes: if he had a passion for one of these it would be all right. Or even some animals, dogs, bulls, a bird or even a bed or a farm, to symbolize the union. It depends on the photo and the context, however, any suggestion is very welcome.

Q: Is payment by postal money order all right?
R: If you go to the post-office, you do Postepay which is the same for you but payment is immediate. When you have done, you send me a mail and you receive the work in 5 days’ time.

Q: I am interested in buying a stereogram that conceals an image that I myself will then arrange to email to you.
R: The hidden image will be put by me: you have to give me the image as a plot after a careful editing.

Q: I would like to know if I can order just one piece, as a sample: it is for a corporate gift, so that would be the logo to print.
R: Surely there is no problem in ordering just one, also because we sell mainly to individual persons; the business matter simply serves to be able to save a little on large quantities.

Q: The company represented by the stereogram is concerned with environment: is there a way to make something like that three-dimensional?
R: What's better than a tree as a three-dimensional image related to the environment? Or a group of trees, palms, etc..

Q: Could you hide the image that I sent you? Or could I send you other proposals of pictures to hide?
R: The hidden images are particular images which are not easy to carry out and that is why we need to choose among those already available, which are however several thousands.

Q: I would like to have one stereogram but with the photo of my son, can I send you the image of my son by fax or do you need an original photo?
R: Sending it by fax is not the best because the quality is extremely low. To do a good job, you have to send me by mail or traditional post in an envelope. To send it by mail, you first have to get an existing photo scanned by a photographer or by someone who has a scanner or, alternatively, take a picture with a digital camera.

Q: Is it possible to create a poster with a chosen plot and the hidden image that I send you?
R: I am sorry but the hidden picture is not any image , it should be drawn to three-dimensionality. In any case, we can evaluate it if possible, but only for an order for various numbers of items and not for the individual units.

Q: If I sent you a picture to reproduce as a plot and told you that I would like the words "I love you" to appear within the same plot, would it be possible?
R: Certainly, without any problems.

Q: Sending you an image for the plot, after the work is done, will it remain alone inside the print, or will it be repeated several times in the print?
R: The image that you send me is the one repeated more times that you see at first glance.

Q: Can I choose the basic plot?
R: The basic plot is then the photo you send me "fitted" with a background, and the hidden image is chosen by us by surprise.

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