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Q: What causes the difficulty in identifying the hidden image? Can we have them with an average difficulty?
R: The difficulty is practically the same and once you learn the technique you can see all the pictures without any problems: the object can possibly make a difference in the sense that if you put something unusual it becomes a bit more difficult to recognize it.

Q: Is the size of the stereogram only 70x50 or may it be smaller?
R: The size is only 50x70 (or 70x50, in practice turned vertically).

Q: Is it possible to have as a hidden image a landscape or a setting and not just a single item?
R: Theoretically it is possible, but we prefer to put only single subjects, the risk is that one does not understand the illusion when it is too complicated.

Q: Is it possible to see the preview of the stereogram before printing it, so that you can check if you can well define the hidden image?
R: It is not possible because the screen is too small. The resolution of 50x70 photo printing, in fact, is enormously larger than that of the monitor and then to be able to see it also there, we should actually change the adjustments of the algorithm, practically creating a stereogram other than the one which would be printed. If you want to be surer, consider that nobody has ever complained about the purchase!

Q: Sending you a picture of me and my boyfriend, can you get the same result? In this case I could give it on Valentine's Day, otherwise I would need a theme for his graduation!
R: Your photo for Valentine’s Day as well only one of your photos is all right for his graduation present.

Q: Do you have a shop where I can see some or shall I buy only on the Internet?
R: There is no shop and you only buy online through the website.

Q: Will you send me a sample with a photo? I would like to see the final result!
R: No, unfortunately, making the sample take the same time as making it to the end. You can however see a small sample and its solution here, examples of different plots here.

Q: Is it possible to have a personalized stereogram using as a hidden image (not as a plot) a photo provided by me?
R: I am sorry but at the moment we put the personalized photos only in the plot.

Q: Is it possible to have a stereogram with an image of Dylan dog provided by me and different from the one in the catalogue?
R: Certainly, without any problem.

Q: Can I put anything romantic or perhaps a short sentence inside it, since I have to give it to my boyfriend?
R: Inside we can put a flower, an angel… or something that may interest him (cars, motorbikes, ships etc). We can put the short sentence inside (if it is very short) or in the plot.

Q: How can I order a print if I cannot pay by credit card? When I add my product to my shopping cart, shall I be able to pay only by credit card and select other methods of payment?
R: Using the cart, you can only pay by credit card or paypal: as for the other methods of payment such as Postepay or Bank Transfer, you have at first to ask me for the details.

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