Faq - Frequently asked questions page 9

Q: I would like to send you the picture of me and my girlfriend in order to put it as a visible image at first glance and instead the writing “I love you baby” as a hidden image. Is it all right?
R: Yes, we can do that without any problem.

Q: Is the photo I have to send you of high quality?
R: A 1-megapixel photo is already all right, as any digital camera or mobile of good quality does.

Q: If I send you a photo for a graduation present, is it possible to put the drawing of a graduation hat with a writing “Congratulations” inside it?
R: Certainly, without any problems.

Q: Which method of payment do you prefer?
R: I prefer Paypal or Postepay because the check is immediate.

Q: If I send you the image to repeat as a first background, will it have a good definition or will it appear very small?
R: We put the repeated photo and though it appears small, you will see it well because it has a good definition and the print is photographic and of high quality.

Q: Is it possible to insert a writing as a 3D image?
R: Yes, it is, but we suggest using a short sentence because the longer it is the more difficult it is to read it.

Q: Is it also possible to have a very thick plot or a spotted one?
R: The plot may be made spotted or with a personalized image, as you prefer.

Q: Does the parcel remain anonymous or does it or the note show its contents? I need it to know where I have to get it sent from.
R: The box shows the writing: photographic print.

Q: Can I place the order from here or do I have to get into the website?
R: You can also place by mail, fax or telephone, without any problems.

Q: Is it possible to insert the photo of a face with no background as a hidden image?
R: As I do not think it possible to distinguish a person’s face from another person’s, we can put one of those available. Try to suggest whether woman or man, long or short hair or other fairly visible features.

Q: Which courier do you send it by?
R: It is the photography laboratory to which we turn that provides for the dispatch and uses a courier.

Q: Can’t I have a smaller size than 50x70?
R: I am sorry but the size is standard as numerous trials have been made just on that size in order to study illusion so that it may be seen better. At most you can think of making it vertical that is 50x70.

Q: Is any photo all right?
R: Certainly, any type of photo.

Q: Could you communicate to me in advance what you insert as a hidden image?
R: Certainly, though you lose the taste of surprise.

Q: Have you got anything as a theme concerning the sea? It is an anniversary present and he is fond of all that concerns water.
R: We can put a nice fish, a ship or a sailing ship.

Q: If I send you a photo of mine together with my boyfriend’s to put as a plot that is repeated and seen with no effect, can one understand that it is us?
R: One understands very well it is you because the quality of the print is very high, photographic and high definition.

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