Unique gift items for every occasion

Gift items are a cross to bear for everyone: who has never had to buy something for a friend, colleague, relation or acquaintance, above all on traditional occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or all kinds of festivities?

A gift item that may be suitable can always be found, but more often than not, in particular when the gift needs to represent something, the real problem is that we find it difficult to make the effort or it’s too expensive!

Gifts items therefore become a true enemy, which causes worries and stress: where can you find items gifts you can afford, that make a good, or at least a dignified, impression, which gets the fact that we are obliged to buy them out of the way, and that with a reasonable price can satisfy, or perhaps even astonish, or even excite the person we are giving it to?


This unique Nodate Parasol will bring your girlfriend/mum's or relatives' home a magical atmosphere that'll lead them back to the Ancient Japan.

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Electric Guitar Cufflinks

Look like a star and impress your rock & roll friends by adding some style to your s& tie combination with the T.M. Lewin Electric Guitar cufflinks.

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Personalized gift items are often a safe port to harbor in: in fact they allow you to keep the right “balance” in terms of the tastes of people we don’t know very well, and since there are shops to suit all pockets we are sure that we will in any case find something, whether or not it’s something good.

Finding unique gift items which people like, which are useful or make a good impression on whoever receives them is, however, another matter. The usual gift or fancy article is in fact counterproductive, and at this point a nice bouquet of flowers is better....even though they are expensive if they are nice flowers!

Let’s get back to gift shop items, which are certainly the most sustainable solution. It’s a question of having the right idea, and when looking for a unique gift item it is often the case that something personal, nice, original, and that is more or less affordable is left out. Does something like this exist? Of course it does!

three dimensional paintings

Feedback left from the customer: "The stereogram represent the moment when I have changed my point of view 'moving' the glance, noticing things that I wasn't accustomed to see but that has been there since ever. The butterfly, inserted as hidden image, represent for me changing, freedom and beauty." (Cristiana)

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If you bear in mind the person who will receive an article, the ideal gift is something which represents whatever you know about the person. Is this person into sports? Is he or she someone who craves affection?

Is this person a dreamer? Can you get photos from friends or relations to personalize a present that is made on an ad-hoc basis? I ft he answer is yes, then you can then think about being particularly original, and at a reasonable price get some Sirds made, which are prints with optical illusions.

The best gift items are those which manage to nicely describe a person or a certain aspect of his or her personality. Therefore, if you can’t get hold of some photos for your gift you can use landscapes, animals or even abstract images!

The more you are able to identify your subject among the many possibilities, the more your present will be effective...so don’t be shy in speaking to acquaintances or common friends, because in this way you’ll be able make the gift items of your choice as perfect as possible!