GemOro 0377 for the cleanliness of your favorite jewels

“GemOro Products” is a special division of the well-known American company “Sy Kessler Sales Inc.” and, in particular, it is specialized and it is responsible for the cleanliness and polishing of every type of  jewels.

This product called “GemOro 0377”  is a wonderful jewels cleaner machine that works with two different systems: respectively with one called steam cleaner and another one called ultra sound . The cleaning machine has the following dimensions: 12 x 10.75 x 11 inches.

This is surely an ideal gift for your mom: en fact if she loves every type of jewelry this present is really perfect for her: she will always have jewelry perfectly clean because she could tidy them easily at home. It is useful for the jewelry cleaning at home or, in a jewelry store.


The product is always available on Amazon and the delivery is completely free. The guarantee lasts one year and it is available also a nice present package. It is ideal for the accurate cleanliness of watches, clocks, necklaces, bracelets, diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry, metal watchband, old coins and earrings.

The cleaning method is able to perfectly respect the precious materials and, at the same time, disinfect them.  “GemOro” always promises sparkle and brilliance to every type of jewels and it always works with very high competence.

It is the only combined system equipped with ultrasound cleaner and vapor cleaner in an unique device.  It is equipped  by a cleaning system divided in two different phases: firstly a cleaning with ultra sonic sound waves and,  in a second time, a steamer blast and it is able to do a great job making everything perfectly sparkle like a new object.

You can read the instructions or, better,  watch a video-demonstration  for the usage on You Tube webpage, however this machine is very easy to use. The package contains a steam residue mat, two baskets for diamonds, rings, bracelets.  This machine is completely producted and designed in the United States.

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