Medium length beige Joop! dress gift for women

When you ask yourself what piece should always be in a woman’s closet, you would come up with something like this.This beautiful classic-style dress is perfect for various looks and styles, to set the mood for all types of occasions, making this item a must-have thanks to its simplicity and sophistication of cut and color.

The beige hue can be paired with any number of different accessories, lending this dress a lot of versatility: paired with a boldly-colored necklace, or even a lavish one and a pair of high-heels and voilà – an elegant look for a business dinner or outing or even just for going out with friends, or a night on the town.

Contrastingly, paired with more feminine accessoriesor with other beige items to enhance the neutrality of the garment, and modest footwear like low-heeled sandals or ballerina slippers, you achieve the perfect outfit in which to appear moderate and elegant even in the daytime and professional at the workplace.


This piece takes on a classic and feminine style reminiscent of the 1950s: it is fastened at with a belt of the same material running just under the bust, which can be tied in the back in a simple bow, highlighting your natural form with the full bodied skirt that curves out from the tightened belt.

While the form creates a slimming effect for rounder figures, it even gives more shape to slender body types, harmonizing your figure. The short, slightly puffed sleeves, along with the tied belt give just a hint of flair to the overall look of the garment.

Its mission is to be a versatile and timeless piece to be considered as a gift that will surely please any woman, one of those original gifts that are always appreciated, because even a dress can be forever!

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