Buy Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella for your kids

This junior picnic table with umbrella is ideal for your children, it is also suitable for toddlers: it is blue and green, it is made rigorously in plastic, it has also the right size for younger kids, in fact  it measures precisely 71.3 x77.3 x 45.6 centimeters.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor as play table or picnic table. Children can eat there, interact, draw or play together. This junior table is portable and easy to store, to clean, to wash and to assemble and, mainly,  it is aesthetically very agreeable: in fact, the design is very nice and the material used is good and has a very good quality.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that it has no corners, so it is not absolutely dangerous for children.  This object is surely an ideal baptism gift for your friends children, your nephew/niece, grandson/granddaughter or your relatives children.


Furthermore the structure is heavy and very resistant: so children do not risk to fall down or to capsize. Additionally it is equipped with an umbrella that protects from rays of sunshine during the picnic so it is able to provide a shady area during hot days.

There is place for maximum four children comfortably from 18 months to five years. Your sons and daughters could have little picnics together instead of eating with adults in their high chairs. Children will surely like it very much and it will perfectly satisfy parents and kids’ expectation.  

Obviously it is forbidden for adults to sit down on this table. To conclude, the product is realized by “Little Tikes”, an American multinational manufacturer, founded in 1970, that produces children’s toys. “Little Tikes” has also headquarters located in Hudson, Ohio, USA. The company has also a number of locations outside the United States, such as in Europe and Asia. This children’s picnic table is built with renowned Little Tikes quality.

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