Let your emotions be expressed with safety and fun

The Kodak Essential Action Mount/ Body Strap records all your rides and tricks with no worries for your camera! This fabulous Body Strap protects your camera during your sports activity giving you the possibility of having recorded all your extraordinary evolutions!

If your nephew or friend is a sporting, adventurous person this is the perfect gift ever! It could be a perfect 18th gift as it's one of the most important steps in life. You haven't thought about something like this before?

Well, here's the opportunity for you to be remembered as the present for the 18th birthdays man! This is your great chance to make a good impression on the birthday boy or girl. In fact, the Kodak Essential Action Mount/Body Strap is suitable for both boys and girls.


The Body Strap is made by rugged, heavy-duty materials to make you feel safe with your camera anytime! The sturdy, thick neoprene has a velcro adjust so you can wear it with all safety nearly anywhere, for example on your leg, arm and even your boot for a really unique view of everything!

In addition, the Body Strap is extremely adjustable and it doesn't weight too much, so your movements won't be disturbed. As its materials are great materials, your present will last for a long time, as Body Strap is nearly indestructible.

How special would it be for the birthday boy or girl watching his/her rides after having done them, and he/she will be proud of her self even in front of all the friends, who will be extremely jealous of the birthday boy/girl gift and of his/her tricks! Let the birthday boy or girl share his/her emotions and let him/her even express him/herself with wonderful photos made it with your perfect 18th gift!

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