Payment by PayPal:


PayPal is the recommended method because payments are made immediately and you can send them with a simple click. It is safe because PayPal will never reveal your financial information to sellers. It is global because PayPal is accepted throughout the world and can be used to make payments at a local or international level.


PostpayThe operation is immediate and all you need to know is the postpay number to recharge I will give you on the request for purchase. There are several ways to pay: in the Italian post offices, through cash payment or with a Master Postamat card; at the Postamat ATMs, via the Internet, by post, using your PostPay card or charging the amount to your post account.

Bank Transfer

This method is particularly handy for those who have access to their own bank account via the Internet with the possibility of making online transfers. We always advise, once payment has been made, to send a copy of the operation with the stamp of the bank and the number of the movement, via fax to the number +39.0522.015.010 to expedite the procedures.

Postal order:

You can make and send a postal order directly from the Post Office. Payment is guaranteed by the Post Office. For the dispatch you must send us an accounting copy with the postmark at the fax number +39.0522.015.010.

Postal note:

You can send a postal note to our address but the timing for receipt of the sum, and then for sending the goods is about 5-10 working days.


You can send a non-transferable cheque to our address but also in this case the timing is around 5-10 working days.

Cash on delivery:

We do not accept C.O.D. because of the high cost required by the carriers as regards the money handling rights that would increase the already high forwarding costs.