Nodate parasol: unique gift for everybody and all occasions

That is a really different and amazing gift to give! Why haven't I ever thought about it before? That is what all our customers have said when they first saw this beautiful gift item from Japan!

In the last decade Japan's goods have increasingly become a trend, sought-after and a must-have. Everybody today has at least one object that reminds one of Japan, and worldwide everybody has the Japan-mania for its delicious food, its lovely decorations, its alternative fashion-style, its philosophy and way of living, or better working!

Home accessories are really interesting and astonishing gift shop items, directly imported from the Land of the Rising Sun, that only the wealthy can give as a present in every occasion.


This unique Nodate Parasol will bring your friend's/boy-, girlfriend's/mum's or relatives' home a magical atmosphere that'll take them back to the Ancient Japan! Red and white or green and white, simple, easy to set up, light-weight this Nodate parasol will give your friends' first-days a warmth a beyond description, and will be the envy of all the houses of the neighbourhood!

You can enjoy at a barbecue with friends, or celebrating a birthday/wedding with your relatives, or maybe on a different, romantic Japanese afternoon with your loved-one, or why not even alone!

Can you think of a wonderful, warm day of spring sipping and enjoying a rare cup of Japanese tea? Everything will be worth the try! The Nodate parasol has been over one hundred years in head families' tea ceremony traditions, and it has been used to welcome the most important authorities, like Princess Diana or Queen Elisabeth.

So, beyond any doubt this Nodate parasol is a precious and unique gift for everybody and for every occasion that will make the receiver feel important and sincerely appreciated.

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