Phillies Citizen Bank Park jumbo-sized model with LED lights

Any Phillies fans out there? And we’re not just talking about the cheese steak sandwiches; we’re talking about one of the grandest world-class baseball stadiums in America!

Smell the popcorn and the hotdogs, listen to the peanut vendors – this is the real deal! This model stadium was produced by Home Fields Inc., the company founded by Ken Small in which much time and effort is dedicated to producing high-quality reproductions of America’s baseball stadiums.

This jumbo super stadium makes an original gift for baseball fans and Philly fans. Starting off in 1999 with just 11 Southern stadiums, Home Fields Inc. now produces 100 regular-sized stadiums and 20 jumbo-sized stadiums that come with lights.


Being a former sports writer, Smalls includes a brief history on each stadium that may arguably be the best part about the stadiums! This particular model showcases Philadelphia’s Citizen Bank Park, a ballpark that opened its doors in 2004 and is capable of hosting over 43,000 spectators, just steps away from downtown Philadelphia.

Local Phillies fans commonly refer to the park as “The Bank” or “CBP” and can be seen chowing down on hoagies, burgers, and yes, the famous Philly cheese steak sandwiches while cheering on the local team.

This Home Fields Inc. model has an incredible 3-D effect that will give you the feeling that you’re flying over the ballpark, able to see every detail from above due to the painstaking commitment that was taken to get every detail right.

It’s finished with three or more layers of wood that are colored with bright laminates to achieve vivid color. The stadium, measuring a total of 4 x 34 x 15 inches, is even equipped with 18 LED lights with an AC/DC adaptor for an even more authentic touch that will make you feel like you’re watching an evening game at the park. Be proud to invite your buddies over for the next game, and have a great centerpiece for your living room or game room to admire!

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