PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells ideal for your training

Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are a pair of adjustable compact and really modern barbells and they can be used especially for your training at home, when you desire to tone your body or a part of your body and mainly if you are interested in body building or you have free time to dedicated for yourself and your wellness.

This tool is done very well, it can be described as excellent, in fact it is a really great purchase for any home gym, it is really strong, robust and well balanced, the wall socket is very comfortable, it is very quick and easy to change the weight.

Furthermore the price is accessible and finally it is totally made in USA. It can be chosen as one of 18th birthday presents: it is an ideal  gift for a special friend, a nephew, a son or a brother who loves body building very much or he love training at home as a simple hobby.


It is a very perfect product when you desire to do the exercises in which the weight changes very rapidly. Other interesting accessories are available and included in the price. Surely this product has several values and positive qualities, such as the adjustment that is very rapid: the tool takes only a time included between two and five seconds to replace the weights of the dumbbells.

This is an essential characteristic if you desire to plan the exercises to do during your home training. Additionally this product uses a self-contained storage. Moreover “Powerblock” offers some good warranties for its dumbbells: in this case the warranty lasts ten years.

Then “Powerblock” gives useful and essential accessories for its dumbbells: such as the kettlebell handle, which gives you the possibility to transform the weights into a kettlebell. Powerblock is a very American famous company and it has been realizing adjustable weight sets since 1991.

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