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The difficult part of a birthday has always been finding something original that doesn't make us spend all our wage on it! Original and not expensive...these words sometimes don't go really together.

Everytime we look for something special, and we are able to find it....its price label will make us look for something else. This happens even if our birthday boy or girl, young or not young anymore is not a claim person.

These birthday gift ideas give you the opportunity to be original and not spending too much in this crisis that affects us all. Is your friend, or uncle or your niece, maybe even your collegue at work interested in playing cards and he is or she is really good at it?


Well, problem solved! Here you have a good variety of playing cards waiting for you! Every desk you find on the website has its own story, and most of them are limite edition too!

You can choose your own desk by knowing the receiver tastes and you will be ensured a really good account on yourself. With some of these playing cards the receiver can also exercise with magic tricks, inside every packet he or she will find and information leaflet.

The material is really fine, and every packet is packed by hand. Most of them have a special picture or a special name hidden within a picture to make the cards more special and engaging.

You can also find some other information on Youtube which will show you more photos and video of the playcards, which will ensure you how valuable the product is.

The high quality of the box, every detail is well-finished and this gift will be something special, original and well appreciated. Don't loose the opportunity to give something really different that has all these characteristics. Take a look around, read about the characteristics of the cards and fal in love with them, you won't be dissapointed!

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