Ramses Pyramid from the LEGO Game Series for ages 8 and up

With the new LEGO Games series, kids get the chance to not only play cool new games, but they get to build and change them at the same time! With special buildable LEGO dice and other cool new special pieces, kids will be able to rebuild the game and even change the rules too, which means that this is a game that won’t be getting old any time soon!

Whether it’s a reward for good grades, an awesome birthday present, a cool communion gifts for boys or girls, or just for fun, you’ll be happy to see your kids have fun while exercising their brains too with a mentally stimulating strategy game!

This LEGO Games creation is the Ramses Pyramid game. Kids ages 8 and up can start enjoying this game, but once you see how much fun they have, then adults may join in too!


Games can be played one on one or in pairs, and players aim to stop the evil mummy of King Ramses and his mummy army from conquering Egypt. Using unique LEGO pieces, players begin at the base of the pyramid and work their way up collecting jewels and memorizing codes along the way to move up the different levels of the pyramid, all the while avoiding the descending evil mummy army.

The game involves changing the rules and remembering the new rules as you go, creating a more challenging environment and getting the players to use a lot of mental energy to think of good game strategies.

The first one to reach the top and take the crown and treasure of the mummy king defeats him and wins the game – and all of the players will have a whole lot of fun along the way! Even after the game is finished, kids can use the pieces, compatible with all of their other LEGO products, to make new creations inspired by the pyramids of Egypt!

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