Pocket-size Roller Massage: a handy piece of heaven

If there is one thing I've always wanted to have, it's a pocket-sized solution for aches and pains that can also give you a hand before that dreaded first time on the beach!

Something that can help that little, annoying pain go away. Something I can take anywhere with me and use any time, at work or at play. Easy to carry, small and cute and don't forget no batteries needed.

So if you are ecologically-minded you know you won't be leaving a carbon footprint, that's all a person from the 21st century needs. A useful, little gift for the hard worker.


You're for ever running around, at home and at work, to school, shopping, to all those necessary commitments and you don't have a minute to yourself. You carry heavy weights, you wear high heels all day or that suffocating tie because you must look your best while your only thought is finding the time for that much-needed massage.

Our stressful life is the cause of our physical and mental pain. Here's the solution for one of your problems but that can also help your mental health. A little, light weight roller massage, which stimulates the painful area giving you a confortable sense of well-being.

As it is small you can use it on most of your body: face, legs, feet, arms and your head, too. You can even use it under the shower as the materials don't go rusty. Along with an incredible feeling of relief, remember that our Dual Roller Platinum Body can also lend a hand in removing those hateful imperfections. The set contains a smart, coloured pouch with a soft cleaning cloth and an instruction manual where you will find how to use this handy peace of heaven.

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