The original Tandem Bar, that will surprise your child

Tandem Bar “Trail Gator” the Original is a perfect child's gift. If you don't have any idea for your son's/daughter's, nephew's/niece's, colleague's son/daughter or neighbour's son/daughter's birthday, this could be the right present form him/her.

Looking for children's presents isn't easy. Nowadays children have almost everything from life and their parents, they're spoiled and it gets harder and harder to find something really original that can surprise them!

This is what a present should do, surprise and stimulate children's creativity and fantasy! If the birthday boy/girl is adventurous, curious and intrigued to know how to do new thing, you'll hit it on the nail with this present.


Learn how to go on a bicycle isn't easy for children, it's one of the most important starting point of their lives, because they start to be more independent from their parents.

It's a step that mustn't be undervalued from no one. Every parent want to protect their children from dangers with everything they have. This Tandem Bar “Trail Gator” the Original will help parents feeling more safe, and will certainly help the child to make the breakthrough!

Using this bar you attach with an adapter the child's bike to the bigger bike, and the parent's shouldn't worry because the bar is sturdy and can take a child's weight up to 32kg.

The child's handlebar is stabilised as soon as the bar is in place and children can both pedal or freewheel! So that's how this fabulous discovery can change and help at the same time the children's freedom and his/her parent's worries.

A wonderful, original gift for children that'll leave him/her and his/her parents without words, except for thank you! So what are you waiting for? This fantasti opportunity to set a new child free is in your hands, don't loose this offer!

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