The Amazing Spider-Man Bundle downloadable computer game

A great gift for gamers! Check out this bundle of The Amazing Spider-Man games that can be played on your PC with either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The bundle, downloadable on Amazon,com, includes the following games: The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Bundle, The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Rampage Pack, The Amazing Spider-Man Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack, The Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Challenge, The Amazing Spider-Man Stan Lee Adventure Pack and The Amazing Spider-Man.

It makes a great gift for men and games of any size to swing through the busy streets of Manhattan and fight crime with all of the special powers of one of the most well-known creations of Stan Lee for Marvel Comics.


Skip the hassle of physical game discs that can be lost, and you won’t have to wait for anything in the mail either. Once you make your purchase you can download the games directly onto your computer and start playing!

First in the Amazing Spider-Man DLC Bundle is The Stan Lee Adventure Pack, in which you race against the clock as Spider-Man to find the missing pieces of Lee’s latest script.

Next is the Lizard Rampage Pack, in which you can rampage in the streets and take on the evil alter-ego of Dr. Connor and Oscop guards as a powerful lizard with your special stomp attack and powerful tail swipe.

In the Rhino Challenge you can wreck NYC as the unstoppable rhino. Destroy as much of the city as you can and get more points for more taxis and cars rammed into!

The Oscop Search and Destroy Pack is composed of the two mini games: in the Destroy the City Mission, you destroy as many cars and traffic signs as you can before your time runs out, and in Gwen’s Hunter you search for and destroy as many robots as possible, while curing drones. In the final The Amazing Spider-Man game, swing through the streets and bust out all of Spidey’s acrobatic moves like never before in battles to save the Big Apple.

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