True Image Cloud Storage to facilitate backup and storage

As we rely more and more on our devices to store our photos, documents, music, and just about everything else, keeping your digital content safe has become more of a necessity than ever before.

Now that almost the whole world is running in computers and content storage is more important than ever, this back-up system for content could be considered a universal gift that just about anybody would be happy to receive and use.

If you need to buy a gift and you’ve been considering present ideas, you could put this at the top of your list. True Image by Acronis uses the latest storage technology: cloud storage.


With this latest storage technology, your content is stored in a secure online location. This means that the security of your content does not depend just on the state your computers and devices anymore, but will be saved even if it becomes impossible to retrieve information from the original devices that the content was stored on.

With all that life holds in store for us, it’s impossible to rely solely on the welfare of our devices to store our precious content. Whether your devices get lost or wrecked, with cloud storage you can rest assured that your most valued content is backed up.

Another perk of cloud storage is that you can access your content from anywhere and at any time. The syncing process used by True Image has been streamlined to be fast and simple, making your content safer and available to be used by your other devices immediately.

Any modifications performed to your content on cloud storage is tracked so that any changes made will be noted whenever your content is accessed from another device, yet it is also possible to access older versions of your content.

Not just files can be stored, but with True Image you can save configurations, settings and applications to save the hassle of programming devices. This system is equipped with several user-friendly features, and is compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP to the newest Windows 8.

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