ZoneAlarm, an help to protect yourself and your beloved-ones

Social media is everywhere! Your kids are using it! But you can't neither make sure they're using it wisely and that noone is taking advantage of them online, but now you don't have to be there at all times with ZoneAlarm for Facebook, it's a interesting and useful gift that you can give to friends who have children, maybe for their Confirmation!

That can be a good excuse! ZoneAlarm helps protect your kids from strangers without invading their space. It uses a unique algorithm to determine threats and then sending warning to you authomatically, even if you don't use Facebook.

ZoneAlarm Socialguard does the work for you costantly protecting your kids not only from people but also from cyberbullying, stranger who pretend to be children, hacked accounts or unsafe links sent them to them as private messages and so on.


This prevents malware attacks. ZoneAlarm Socialguard works longer, harder and more effectively than you ever could by simply friendly your own child. Most important, Socialguard monitors the discussion with unappropriate or threating language that talks about drugs, sex, violence and suicide.

Nothing is more important for a parent than the safety and welfare of their child. Receiving a gift like this one doesn't offend your child, because with this help he/she'll know that you won't never use his/her computer again.

The children are growing up so quickly these days and even technology. Many of these tools are healthy, allow a more social life, but many cyberbullies and predators are finding ways to turn these exchanges into opportunities to harm your child.

Now you can watch over your loved-ones by taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer and you can use this technology to protect your kids. ZoneAlarm Socialguard could be a perfect confirmation gift for her and him, which will make their youth more safe and happy even for you.

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