Gift ideas and original gifts

There are many occasions to give someone one of our products: at Christmas or on St. Valentine’s day, for an anniversary or wedding, as a degree graduation or baptism gift idea. Don’t choose the usual perfume or bouquet of flowers. Instead, use optical illusions for gifting ideas that are truly original!

Original gift ideas

They are prints that show optical illusions, also known as SIRDS, an acronym meaning “single image random dot stereogram”. They are printed on high resolution 60 x 70 cm photographic paper, and they are pictures ready to be framed as gifts and ideas that looked at closely show other three-dimensional images that appear to be hidden: for a truly unique idea gift! You can see an example on page one of the FAQs, with a hidden image on page two.

Other original ideas for gifts: click below.

powerblock-elite-dumbbells aldo-gladiator-sandals
bark-control-collar jewelry-cleaner aquabot-pool-rover
bosu-balance-trainer vtech-kidizoom-smartwatch prime-poker-cards black-pearl-lego-set

They can even be personalized!

You can choose the theme, or repeated picture that you see at first sight , among the photos of your relatives, friends, children, or the people you are closest to; you can insert up to 6 photos, although we recommend a maximum of 4 to make your gift more effective. Instead, we choose the hidden images amongst those that create the most beautiful optical illusions, and they may also consist in very short phrases such as “I love you”: in respect of the gift idea's concept you can in any case send requests that we will do everything possible to try to satisfy.

How should you look at them?

You have to keep a distance of circa 50cm from the picture and look at it without focusing on it, instead looking beyond it towards infinity: you don’t need glasses or other instruments, just a bit of patience.

Why buy or donate these kinds of ideas gifts?

Because a print is an original ideas gift that you cannot buy anywhere else. Everyone will be intrigued and if you have children they are bound to want to play with it. Also, if you are a salesman, you can use gift ideas as company or advertising gadgets.

How can you purchase a print?

For your giftideas choose one of the available photos in the catalogue or send us a photo you wish to use for your ideas for gift via email to and will enter it as a theme; pay and tell us you have done so, including a delivery address, your tax code for your invoice and a telephone number for the postal courier. Within a maximum of 5 working days you will receive your print by recorded delivery post, ready to be framed and for it to become your idea gift. We do not send preview print via mail, because it would ruin the surprise.

How much do these idea gifts cost?

The price for each printed picture is 32 Euros (including processing and printing on high quality photographic paper) to which 7 Euros must be added as a contribution to the postage costs. For multiple orders, add 1 Euro for every additional picture if you wish to use present ideas for multiple and different.

Other original ideas for gifts: bestseller!

masterpiece-makeup-set argiolas-box
therapeutic-cervical-collar jacquard-and-satin-coat jukebox-player

How do you pay?

In order to pay for your gifts idea via paypal/credit card go to the payment page, click on the symbol on the upper left area and fill-in the form with all your data. Per postepay or bank transfer payments you have to request our coordinates via email at

Is the picture frame included?

The picture frame is not included, considering the sizes: in any case it’s easy to find a frame of a suitable size (50x70cm) in any DIY store near you that is suitable for your gifts. The package contains all the necessary instructions for setting and anchoring a picture frame.

Can you see our catalogue?

We don’t have a catalogue on paper, but all the information is available on our website. Any questions you may have regarding our products or on how to buy them can be asked on the contacts form in the “search” field. Directly enter your question and search for the reply to your gifts ideas!