Astroboy by John Wellington, a guaranteed masterpiece

Astroboy by John Wellington is a guarantee, an exclusive masterpiece that everybody would love to have at home. A wonderful photo gift idea which will make the receiver astonished in front of this beautiful Astroboy photo/painting.

It consists of two bluish ghosts where the middle girl's breasts are revealed, and looks on with supreme confidence to state "First fame, then I shall return home" - a line of dialogue borrowed from The Samurai Trilogy movies.

If the birthday boy/girl is keen on art, this is the perfect gift to give. It'll make his/her home more exclusive and intimate, and all his/her friends will be envious. You'll be considered an expert of art, and with this beauty you will show your love for your friend!


The original painting now hangs in a private collection in the US, that means your present will be a chic, aristocratic choice but also valuable in its amazing price. The devotes to the Astroboy demons will appreciate your original gift photo ideas, because every time they'll looking at the painting, they'll be thinking of you and they'll see the love that you gave thinking of a present like this!

This Astroboy photo painting is made on a oil and copper leaf on panel and you can have it in different measures, natural size or bigger or smaller; it depends how big is the receiver's home and room and how big is your love for him/her!

The quality of the painting is absolutely perfect, and your friend will notice it because nothing is more important for an art expert of the quality of his/her little treasure! Don't miss the amazing opportunity of showing you friends how much you love him/her with this astonishing photo gift. A gift like this will give you a special place in your friend' heart.

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