Use with your dog a rechargeable bark control collar

This product, a bark control collar, is realized for your dog and it is available only in black on the Web. It is very important because it takes care of the way of barking changing it and so the barking becomes secure and very comfortable.

It is necessary to highlight that a dog barks for many different reasons: for example because it is far away from home, secondly because it desires to guard, thirdly because it feels socially isolated or simply because it feels terribly bored.

There are three different training modes that you can choose for your dog: that are devices that work both with sound and also vibration in order to activate the right correction. This is a gift ideas for men who love pet- dog in particular- or, better, have dogs at home and they bark very frequently during the whole day and/or night.


It is ideal for that dogs who bark very often and they could disturb other people such us owner’s neighbors. This collar interrupts the dogs barking and/or discourage the dog to bark in that particular contest or situation.

When the dog starts barking the collar is able to interrupt the pet emitting a sound with high frequency that dog does not like at all. Every time the dog starts barking, its ears hurt. Owners and other people cannot hear the ultrasound.

The collar is able to identify the vibration into the dog’s throat when the pet starts barking. This product has three ways of training: temperament mode, progressive correction mode and user-selected correction mode.

If your dog waste less energy, barking less, it will have more energy to do other important activity such as play or learning new important things or actions. The package purchasable on Web includes: the collar, one battery charger and an operative guide. Finally the product has the following measures: 2.9 x 6 x 7.8 inches.

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