Britt’s “The Plantation Tour” gift box of gourmet coffees

Are you looking for an original gift for a coffee lover? This beautiful Plantation Tour gift box set from Cafe Britt will do the trick! The Plantation Tour set offers four gourmet coffees from a selection of nine Costa Rican varieties and three Peruvian varieties, including decaf, espresso, and dark roast options that you can choose yourself to suit the taste of the receiver.

Most varieties can come whole or ground according to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for gifts for mom, dad, friends or co-workers, or want to impress your boss or clients, you can wow the coffee drinkers in your life with Britt’s quality coffee.

Appropriate for all sorts of occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, promotions, and more, this gift set can be customized for any gift that you need at any time of the year.


Once they have a sip of the coffee that they make from the first bag, they won’t be able to wait to try all of the other ones! They may be so pleased by your gift that after they tell you how much they enjoyed Britt coffee you’ll wish that you ordered a box for yourself too!

Britt is known for producing coffee that is simply fantastic, and being committed to growing and roasting beans that are exceptional in body, flavor and aroma. Each variety comes in a vividly decorated colorful bag that embraces the beautiful areas where the coffee beans were produced, depicting the scenic locations where the beans were grown that range from epic mountains to valleys and volcanoes.

When arranged together in the Cafe Britt gift box they form a truly impressive package! If you’ve been pulling your hair out thinking of a gift for your friends, family or whoever it may be, think no more and get them a gift that they can enjoy over and over, every morning that they brew their cup of joe. Rest assured that they will be impressed and enjoy every sip of Britt’s fabulous Plantation Tour set!

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