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This Coca-Cola mini Fridge is a retro-style and fashion mini refrigerator. This product, described precisely as compact beverage cooler, it operates on 12 V DC power, it has four liter capacity and it holds six cans. It is small so it can be easily transported in a vehicle.

Precisely it has the capacity of 0.14 cubic feet, it is twelve inches tall and it weighs 4.7 pounds. So in other words, it is a very stylish fridge and it is an amazing way to keep your favorite food and drinks cold. It is a very good present idea, for example it is ideal for a bride and bridegroom, for a mother, an aunt or a sister or also a cousin.

This electrical appliance is red with a coca-cola branding on it. On the right of the fridge there is also the picture of a big polar bear on its door, who holds on its right hand a Coca cola bottle. The product has absolutely no shelves or freezer compartment.


It can be used in kitchen, dining room, living room, officers and generally in any room of your house or flat or, in general, in every type of building. Then it can be really appreciated also by fridge collectors.

The technology used allows this modern and fashion electrical appliance to operate completely silently and this is a really good quality for a fridge. Furthermore it is right to highlight that it works very great: in fact it is perfectly able to create an optimal temperature between the interior of fridge and its environment.

The price, the size and functionality of this product are able to make all costumers totally happy and satisfied. This mini fridge is realized and produced by “Koolatron”, a very famous Canadian company that has been dedicating to manufacturing since 1983.

It is global leader in refrigeration and thermoelectric products. It has headquarters in Ontario, in Canada, with many offices also in Quebec, another region situated always in Canada. To conclude it has branches also in the United States, precisely in New York and Florida.

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