Unique, one-of-a-kind Confirmation gifts

“The sacrament in which Christians receive the Seal of the Holy Spirit”: firstly, this definition makes us think that a confirmation gift cannot just be an ordinary ! It’s a very important step, above all for a young person who is truly interested in his or her faith and for whom it’s not just a “tradition” that everyone follows!

A confirmation gift idea must therefore also be thought about from this point of view. It’s a question of understanding whether confirmation gift ideas must be inspired by a spiritual or reflective element or simply a question of a little thought, perhaps something likeable which may be useful in everyday terms.

Gift ideas confirmation could come from the parents or friends who know the person in question well: this is above all useful to personalize your choice at least a little bit and not to fall into the trap of giving unpleasant double or trivial presents.


Lovely retro Jukebox with radio, mp3 and cd player is the perfect confirmation gift for boys and girls. Fashioned, important, useful. You'll love it.

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optical illusions

Your music says a lot about you. Why shouldn’t your mini iPod do the same too? Extremely thin design, five smart colours. Brighter display. Up to 24 hour battery life and available in models 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Mini iPod puts up to 2000 songs in your pocket.

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You make think there is a wide and varied range of possible ideas for a gift confirmation, but compared to a birthday or joyous occasion it is necessary to come up with some kind of idea that is a little more apt in consideration of the occasion.

Therefore, suggestions or elements that help chose the right confirmation presents are all welcome: knowing more about the tastes, preferences, habits and favourite hobbies could be a better starting point for our imagination and intelligence!

This can help our choice of gift for confirmation but the right present also depends on what we can afford. It’s too easy to find something nice if you don’t have any spending limits!

It is much more difficult to balance a qualitative need with a low expenditure threshold. The problem is also that our idea for a confirmation must meet the needs of a modern boy or girl, because this sacrament is normally taken at around 13 – 14 and up to 18 years of age, which are very difficult ages to please.


ZoneAlarm helps protect your kids from strangers using a unique algorithm that determines threats and then sending you warnings authomatically.

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Also, if the right gifts for confirmation for young people are those that manage to stimulate them and raise their curiosity, and certainly not those that are merely a sterile status symbol.

Because of the fact that it’s a moment for growth and reflection since for confirmation gifts to be right involves something more, and perhaps they should have something to say about the youngster in question.

For example, it would be a good idea to create an image that recounts this step and which will not be dissipated in time, like a painting or better still a sird! What could be more charming than confirmation gifts?

You can insert a photo of the person in question, or images of something the person is interested in, like a Yamaha motorbike or a puppy: confirmation gift ideas can be finished by following the advice of friends or elations, in order to obtain gifts confirmation the persons in question would prefer!