Corporate gifts for original firms

In the past years corporate gifts were reserved for large companies for massive marketing efforts. With the advent of internet, these opportunities have been made available to small businesses or family concerns.

What do they consist of?

To get the maximum performance from this activity it is, however, important to ensure that a corporate gift is always attributable to your trademark and clearly visible throughout the day. In any case, what is more visible than an original picture hanging in your office or in the home entrance of your own customers or suppliers?
Stereograms are not the usual paintings, but innovative optical illusions that will attract attention to yourself and then to the painting. These innovative corporate gift idea, if hanged in your office, will strengthen business spirit, giving the impression of a higher level of professionalism to visiting customers or suppliers. The optical illusion in the corporate gift ideas is also part of a game that consists in guessing what is hidden inside.

The reason for a winning idea!

The concept of corporate gifts as simple objects with a logo applied to them (such as lighters or keychain) is now a thing of the past: instead, these corporate gift, are part of a more complex and innovative advertising category.
Let us imagine for example the launching of a new product or service: a corporate gift idea can be developed in which the sense or theme of the new project is hidden (e.g. images of coins to suggest the notion of saving, a fast machine to express the concept of speed etc). It is also possible to add wording, or a photo of the products, or even a photo of your own company.

And it does not end here...

These innovative corporate gift ideas can also cover many other functions, as many as you can imagine. Just to mention a few advantages, think of the increase in visits to your business stand at a fair because of the curiosity aroused in visitors, which can only increase the visibility of the stand.
Or else, free advertising of your brand name resulting from curious visitors spreading the word. Additionally, think about how useful it can be in motivating and showing appreciation of the efforts of your salesmen, distributors, retailers, and in retaining customers etc.

How much do they cost?

The price of these corporate gifts is €32+€7 more for delivery costs (only €1 for each additional delivery). For quantities of more than 3 units, please refer to the following table (the prices include VAT):

Quantity Price in € (each) Forwarding costs €
From 1 to 3 32 From 7 to 9
From 4 to 10 29 Always 10
From 11 to 100 26 Free of charge
From 101 to 1000 23 Free of charge
Over 1000 Negotiable Free of charge

For further information, or to find out about the delivery times for corporate gift, please request an estimate by e-mail or by fax at +39-0522-015010. If you have any queries.