Faq - Frequently asked questions page 7

Q: How is the postal payment effected?
R: The postal form is filled in at the post-office with our address but it takes a long time. At that point, it is worth make a Postepay charging which takes place immediately and requires the same commitment of time by the buyer (you do it at the post-office or also online if you own a personal Postepay card).

Q: Is there an image such as a heart or a writing "I love you" or something similar?
R: We have both the heart and Cupid available, and we can also enter the writing (but not the image and the writing together as a hidden image, but only as a plot).

Q: I would like to have a stereogram picture with the photo of me and my girlfriend or whatever. How can I do?
R: Can you send me the photo by mail and effect payment by PayPal or Postepay (if you choose the second method I must first give you the code).

Q: Is the catalogue used to choose the plot?
R: No, it isn’t.In the catalogue there are some ready stereograms, which also serve as an example.

Q: I would like as an image to discover a Caribbean landscape with sea and palms, can it be done?
R: The hidden image cannot be too complicated, with the full landscape, but we have the palm trees, however.

Q: Does the plot have to be composed of a single image, or can I also send more photos that you can reproduce all together?
R: We can put both one and more images, but one is better because one can see it better or it risks to become too small concealing the details.

Q: How shall I pay by credit card if I send a personalized picture and not a catalogue photo, so without using the "Shopping Cart"?
R: Go to the payment page and click on the PayPal icon: you will be redirected to the site where you will be able to pay by credit card.

Q: To which e-mail address shall I send the picture?
R: This address is all right: info@idea-gift.co.uk

Q: What present can I give to my 13-year-old-sister?
R: The stereogram 61 - Barbie, for example!

Q: But where are the optical illusions? And what do presents have to do with them?
R: The stereograms are by definition optical illusions and sending a picture, I create a personalized stereogram which is surely an innovative present.

Q: We are a company and we would like to know if we can get a paper catalogue for our customers to see.
R: We currently do not have any paper catalogue but we only have it online: to get an idea, you may however look at the page of company presents where there are the prices according to the quantity. In the faq page there is also an example with the solution on the next page.

Q: I have seen the catalogue and have chosen, but I'm not asked to attach a photograph! Could you help me?
R: You can choose one of those in the catalogue, and then simply click on the button PayPal and pay or you can send me the photo via mail and pay by clicking on the button on the payments page (or using another method among those shown). To send a photo you can write to this mail (also write the shipping address and a phone number for the courier).

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