Playskool Heroes Transformers for your children

This product, that measures precisely 3.1 x 7 x 11 inches, has the principal quality to be easily and rapidly transformed from robot modality to vehicle modality and vice versa using only three simple and quick passages. “Playskool Heroes Transformers” belong to “Playskool Heroes line” and they are totally produced by Hasbro business.

All little boys, in fact, love their favorite heroes adventures that they often watch also as main characters of famous cartoons on television. This is surely a fantastic present idea for your kids, your nephew, your grandson or your children’s friends. 

This line is able to agree upon fathers, mothers and kids. This product has the main quality to completely satisfy both who loves sports cars and who loves robot. At the same time, it is really strong and it could not easily be broke by children.


Furthermore it is very important to highlight that it helps to develop children’s motor skills. The transformation into car and into robot is extremely simple: in fact it is enough to throw the wheels to modify the sports car and successively transform it in a robot.

Then the robot’s jackhammer can easily be joined to the hood in vehicle mode. This model is mainly yellow with green and black sides. This toy seems ideal for the youngest kids, minimum three-years-old children. Transformers are able to defeat enemies using shrewdness and, at the same time, velocity.

Moreover it is important to remember that this product is equipped with flashing lights. At last but not leasy it requests one AA battery. This amazing toy is totally created by Hasbro company: there are a series of different other characters produced by this US firm: each transformer will become very soon a little hero for your son. To conclude, Hasbro also realizes toys for both little girls and little boys, board games, dolls, electronic, digital and creative toys.

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