The perfect solution for storing your tapes onto your pc

We all have at home loads of boxes full of old tapes, that we don't want to throw away because they have been a part of our life. Something that has accompanied us through years, that has told us a story and reminds us an old love or our first purchase when we were young.

Most of us had always knew that someday we could have been use them again. And the time has come! It's name is USB Cassette Digitaliser. It's a little magic box that permits to store all your old music from musicassette onto your computer with a USB cable, and as soon as you can imagine you will have your favourite music back in your life!

A perfect Christmas gift article that everyone will appreciate! A wonderful handy object that even men could go mad about it! They don't usually use any “useless” object as women, but believe it or not, they will change their mind with the USB Cassette Digitaliser.


If you have a nerd friend, it's really a job finding them some Christmas gift articles, but now you won't have this problem anymore! This present can be the solution of a wife's problem, her husband has so many boxes with old recordings that they don't have enough space for furniture, here's the answer!

Or maybe your friend don't have a guest room to invite you to sleep because it is full of these boxes, here's the answer! The USB Cassette Digitaliser is sturdy and has a compact retro design, it has an integrated amplifier and loudspeaker, a USB cable, a software for pc from Windows 98 to Vista or Windows 7 or even for Mac's!

This little cute box is 16 cm height x 13 cm width and 14 cm depth, so confortable and doesn't take to much space, and it weight 1,3 kg. So what are you waiting for? Everyone will love to have this extraordinary digitaliser!

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